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Isotherm: "Innovation In Marine Refrigeration" with a heritage of nautical excellence for 50 years

Isotherm Marine Refrigeration and Isotemp Stainless Steel Marine Water Heaters are manufactured by Indel Webasto Marine to the highest quality standards to provide years of dependable service with special attention to marine design and energy efficiency. Isotherm leads the industry with elegant refrigeration solutions that help sell boats. Products range from 15 liter refrigerators and freezers up to 320 liters (11 cubic feet). Isotherm features Drawer refrigerators and freezers that fit the most common cutout sizes in the marine industry.  Isotherm refrigeration systems add value to boats with upscale products that are handsome yet rugged. Indel Webasto Marine also manufactures Isotemp Stainlesss Steel Water Heaters that are designed for long life in the marine environment.

Indel Webasto Marine USA has been named the official distributor for Frigonautica brand marine refrigeration featuring the ultimate in custom stainless steel refrigeration designs for yachts.

Brands: Isotherm, Isotemp, Frigonautica


Isotherm Clean Touch Stainless Steel Marine Refrigerators


  • Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control
    Building on the energy saving innovations of ASU and ITSC, Isotherm introduces the new Intelligent Temperature Control digital display. This aftermarket kit can be added to fridge or freezer for convenient digital temperature control....

  • For boaters who want to minimize battery consumption and maximize cooling performance, the new Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) takes advantage of new developments in DC and AC/DC control modules from SeCOP (Danfoss) to reduce energy consumption.  The ITC kit consists of a display module with easy to adjust controls which allows the user to set operating parameters for temperature and compressor speed.

    The Isotherm Intelligent Temperature Control display panel provides an instant reading of actual temperatures inside the fridge or freezer.  Temperatures can be changed with a simple press of the up or down keys in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Fault display and 3 battery protection levels provide additional user control.  Manual activation of the ECO function assures minimum power consumption in this energy-saving mode which runs the compressor at the slowest speed.

    The ITC provides standard smart features such as:

    • Soft Start which allows for effective, safe start-up of the compressor
    • Fast Cooling is achieved by running the compressor at maximum speed to lower temperatures as quickly as possible
    • Over Cooling is activated by microprocessor to accumulate cold when there is a surplus of energy such as when the battery is in charge mode (engine running, solar panels charging) or when on AC for AC/DC modules

    The ITC Digital Display controls the temperature in a refrigerator or freezer compartment from the exterior of a fridge/freezer cabinet.  The display can be mounted flush or proud mount (see download below for details). Settings on the display panel include temperature setting, selection of energy saving options, choice of 3 battery protection levels, and compressor operating mode settings (ITC, ECO, and Overcooling modes).

    The ITC works with both DC only modules and AC/DC modules, specifically the the new generation SeCOP control modules 101N0212 (DC only) and 101N510 (AC/DC) for BD35F / BD50F compressors. All new Isotherm fridges come equipped with the new generation SeCOP modules.

    Indel Webasto Marine takes years of expertise in energy-saving innovation that began with ASU, then ISEC, and now the Intelligent Temperature Control to make a simple-to-install kit that will revolutionize energy savings for the boating industry.

    Following is the part number and description:

    SED00036DA - Isotherm ITC Digital Display Kit - Intelligent Temperature Control

    Click here for ITC video

  • Isotherm Clean Touch Stainless Steel Marine Fridge
    The Isotherm Cruise Clean Touch Stainless Steel Marine Refrigerators are the latest development in the Cruise Elegance line. The Clean Touch is specially treated to remain clean to the touch and resist the rigors of the marine environment....

  • The newest trend in boating takes traditional activities like dining and entertainment on deck.  This opens up the fun for everyone!  For appliances typically found in the galley, sun and salt are tough on finishes and shorten their life.  As a solution to this emerging challenge, Isotherm introduces the new Clean Touch Stainless Steel which brings high-tech on deck. 

    The Isotherm Clean Touch Stainless Steel line features a new treatment that remains clean to the touch and withstands the rigors of the marine environment. The Clean Touch has excellent scratch and abrasion resistance and serves as a shield from stains.  The Isotherm Clean Touch provides superior protection from salt spray, sun, heat, UV, and condensation in the marine environment.

    New door features for the Clean Touch line include doors that are thicker than traditional doors which results in better retention of the cold, greater energy efficiency, and superior performance.  The wider, more ergonomic, center handle allows for easy swing change from right to left swing.  Low door swing clearance and internal anchoring system allows flush or proud mounting with or without a flange for a wide range of design options.

    The new Isotherm Clean Touch Stainless Steel doors are available on five models: 42, 49, 65, 85 and 130 liters.  These models represent the most common cutout dimensions in the marine and mobile industry, making the upgrade to the new Clean Touch simple and easy.

    Click here for the video:  Isotherm Clean Touch Stainless Steel Video

  • Isotherm Family of Small Drawer Fridge & Freezers
    Isotherm leads the industry in providing small drawer refrigerators and freezers for boats of all sizes. Isotherm Drawer 49, 55, 65, 85, and 130 give boat builders an easy way to upgrade to the convenience and luxury of a drawer fridge....

  • Isotherm leads the industry in providing small drawer refrigerators and freezers for boats of all sizes. Isotherm Drawer 49, 55, 65, 85, and 130 give boat builders an easy way to upgrade to the convenience and luxury of a drawer fridge that fit the most common cutouts found on boats.  Design features include rugged drawer mechanism with “L” shaped Blum ball-bearing rails with soft touch close that distribute the load to the bottom of the fridge deck and sides.  This assures drawer strength and stability when opening underway in the roughest conditions.  Multiple storage compartments and 3-bottle wine caddy securely stores supplies on fast boats in the roughest conditions.  Customization is easy with models available with Stainless Steel door front as well as drawer models on the 49, 55, and 65 liter drawers that accommodate a custom ¾ inch panel.

    Isotherm small drawer fridges also give boat builders an easy way to close a sale.  On the dealer level, it is easy to upgrade a fridge from a door style fridge to a drawer fridge by simply pulling the original fridge and upgrading to the Isotherm Drawer.  Upgrading boat accessories is a proven, powerful sales incentive and Isotherm is the best brand in boating.

  • Isotherm Drawer 160 Double Drawer Fridge/Freezer
    The Isotherm Drawer 160 is a versatile double drawer marine fridge which is available as a top drawer fridge/freezer, all fridge, all freezer, fridge/freezer/ice maker, and freezer/ice maker. Models include flush mount, proud mount, and custom panel....

  • The Isotherm Drawer 160 AC/DC line of double-drawer refrigerators and freezers are now available in fridge/freezer, fridge/fridge, and freezer/freezer models.  Models with ice makers in the freezer are available in 115 and 230 volt models.  

    Isotherm features rugged marine design in an elegant stainless steel double drawer that works with all power sources worldwide.  Isotherm AC/DC models uses the dependable Danfoss/Secop BD50 and BD80 compressors to assure premium performance and backs it with a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor.

    The DR160 is available as flush or proud mount with brushed stainless steel door and polished stainless steel flange.  With positive latching handles, the Isotherm Drawer 160 stays shut in the roughest conditions.  The drawers are ruggedly built so they can withstand the stress encountered on fast boats in rough seas.

    The DR160 refrigerator has features no other AC/DC drawer fridge has such as:

    • Blum under-support “L” shaped ball bearing rails with soft touch close. These slides are unique to Isotherm and provide superior support, stability, and strength to the drawer structures
    • The top drawer on the Isotherm in the fridge/freezer configuration is the fridge drawer. 
    • The drawer faces can be adjusted for pitch and yaw, keep the structure alignment true for the life of the fridge
    • The fridge drawer has a built-in condensation capture system that minimizes frosting issues
    • The top refrigerator uses Isotherm’s exclusive DRINK design to pull cold air off the evaporator and circulate it within the refrigerator in a convection action
    • The top refrigerator also has the built-in condensation capture system to reduce frosting issues

    The new DR160 AC/DC gives boat builders a complete selection of yacht-quality, large drawer marine fridges & freezers with optional 3/4 inch wood panel attachment for perfect match of all interiors.

  • Isotherm Cruise Elegance Energy Efficient Fridges
    The Isotherm Cruise Elegance Line of Refrigerators provides large storage volume in a compact, energy efficient footprint. An innovative internal anchoring system allows design flexibility for flush and proud mount installations, with or without a flange....

  • The Isotherm Elegance Line of Energy Efficient Marine Refrigerators is a highly customizable, modern design with innovative installation solutions, high performance, and low power consumption. Standard colors are Elegance Silver or Black.  The Elegance Line is made up of the most common sizes used on today’s boats including 42 liters, 49 liters, 65 liters, 85 liters, and 130 liters. Customizable door panels and ergonomic, positive latching handles can match any decor. Like all Isotherm fridges with 'Right Sized' freezers, the Elegance fridges hold more supplies than other fridges in the same class and are backed by a 5-year limited warranty on the compressor, two years on all other parts. 

    The innovative internal anchoring system gives designers a new way to make a bold statement by securing the fridge from the inside allowing fridges to fit into tighter spaces for a more clean, modern look. Proud mount flange is standard and flush mount flange is optional. With extra-thick insulation and Smart Energy Controller-ready electronics, the Elegance line has the lowest battery consumption on the market. The compact freezer compartment has a magnetic sealing door which reduces frost issues yet leaves plenty of room for storage of extra supplies and taller bottles.

  • Isotherm Cruise COMBI Line of Marine Refrigerators
    The Combi Line combines proven performance of Isotherm DRINK Refrigeration (no freezer section) with a drawer fridge and/or freezer combination to give the boater maximum volume in a single upright unit. 4 models: CR195, CR220, CR260, CR320...

  • Whether you have a larger yacht or live-aboard, the new Isotherm Combi Line will be the solution to your refrigerator/freezer requirements!  The new COMBI Line allows interesting hybrid mixes by combining unique fridges and freezers into a single extra-large upright fridge/freezer combinations. The COMBI Line consists of the Cruise 195 COMBI (Cruise 130 Drink Fridge/Cruise 65 Freezer), the Cruise 220 COMBI (Cruise 130 Drink Fridge/Cruise 90 Freezer), Cruise 260 COMBI (Cruise 130 Drink Fridge/Drawer 130 Fridge with internal freezer drawer) and Cruise 320 COMBI (Cruise 160 Drink Fridge/Double Drawer 160 as available in the current model range).

    The Combi Line combines proven performance of Isotherm DRINK Refrigeration (no freezer section) with a drawer fridge and/or freezer combination to give the boater maximum volume in a single upright unit.

    The innovative Isotherm DRINK design incorporates a condensation capture system which diverts moisture into an external evaporation tray, reducing or eliminating frosting issues. The new Isotherm Combi Line is built on the popular Cruise 195 concept which matches the 130 liter top DRINK refrigerator for convenience with a 65 liter deep freezer on the bottom. Each has its own separate compressor for reliable performance.

    The CR220 puts the larger CR90 freezer under a 130 liter DRINK fridge for boaters who want more freezer volume

    The CR260 matches the 130 DRINK with the 130 Drawer for maximum fridge storage and a four gallon freezer in the drawer fridge on the bottom.

    The ultimate Combi Line is the CR320, a whopping 11 cubic feet of fridge with the new CR130 DRINK on top and double drawers on the bottom which can be ordered as fridge/freezer, all fridge, or all freezer.

  • Isotemp Stainless Steel Marine Water Heaters
    Isotemp Stainless Steel Marine Water Heaters are specifically designed for use in the demanding marine environment. Isotemp features 316-grade stainless steel inner tanks backed by a 5-year limited warranty, heat exchanger, and Safety Mixing Valve....

  • The Indel Webasto Marine ISOTEMP water heaters are designed for the use on yachts and boats in the demanding marine environment.  The highest quality components are chosen to ensure the best product performance. Isotemp Stainless Steel Marine Water Heaters are very robust, both the water tank and external cylinder are made of stainless steel in Basic and Slim models while new SPA range features the same internal tank in stainless steel and an outer casing made of high quality polypropylene.

    All Isotemp tanks come standard with the innovative Isotemp Temperature Control Safety Mixing Valve which protects users from scalding hot water.  This safety mixing valve helps every Isotemp tank meet ABYC standards for water heaters.  Water heated with engine heat exchangers can be heated to 190 degrees or more which can scald those unfamiliar with boat water heaters.  Water will also be heated to 160+ degrees with just the electric heating element alone. By adjusting the safety mixing valve, the Isotemp thermostat-controlled mixing valve mixes the boat’s water with the hot water to deliver the temperature you want at the faucet. This mixing action also speeds recovery time and extends the volume of hot water produced from a smaller tank.

    Isotemp Stainless Steel Water Heaters achieve a greater volume of hot water by optimizing the position of the engine water heat exchanger as well as the electrical immersion heater. These are positioned in the lowest part of the tank where the water is coldest in order to ensure an equal heating of all the water in the tank. The water inlets and outlets are specially designed to minimize the mixture of cold and hot water.

    The Isotemp Basic 40 and Basic 75 are the only two models that have the double engine heat exchanger option.  The double coil is sometimes used by boaters who have hydronic heating to maximize use of the heating.  They are often used in conjunction with two engines such as a main engine and a generator to take advantage of the surplus heat provided by two separate sources.  Another use for Isotemp tanks with dual heat exchangers is in systems that have hydronic water heating.   

    The Basic models are 16 inches in diameter. The Slim models are 12 inches in diameter. The SPA models are 12.4 and 15.4 inches in diameter. Basic and SPA are shorter with the Slim being longer for volumes offered. Please see the Isotemp section in the catalog or online at the USA website for dimensions and part numbers.

  • Isotherm Ice Makers
    Isotherm Ice Makers bring dependability and long life to the marine icemaker market, giving boat builders a quality choice for making ice aboard. Isotherm Ice Makers are available in clear and crescent ice with full size and low profile ice makers....

  • The Isotherm range of ice makers are available in 4 different models:

    • Full size crescent ice maker
    • Low Profile crescent ice maker
    • Clear ice maker
    • BI-29 drawer style crescent ice maker

    The Crescent Ice Makers produce approximately 22 pounds of white, crescent-shaped ice per day and hold approximately 11 pounds in a removable bin. The Clear Ice Maker produces 40 pound of crystal clear, ‘top hat’ ice per day.  Clear Ice is held in an insulated bin which holds approximately 9 pounds of ice. 

    The Crescent Ice Makers are self-ventilating, pulling air in through the front and exhausting it out the front which reduces requirements for ventilation in the cabinet in which it is mounted.  

    The new Isotherm Low Profile White Ice Maker fits in locations with limited height availability.  The new Low Profile White Ice Maker make a perfect pairing for Cruise 49 and 65 and Drawer 49 and 65 liter refrigerators. The Full Size Ice Maker has the same height as the Cruise 85 and Drawer 85 Refrigerators. With Isotherm, boat builders can design entertainment areas with matching fridges and ice makers.

    Along with the Isotherm Clear Ice Maker and full-size White Ice Makers, boat builders now have a choice of products to meet the demands of even their most discriminating customers. Isotherm Ice Makers use the highest quality components so that it will have a long life in the marine environment. The Crescent Ice Maker is available with complete stainless steel door, handle, and flange or all-white door with white panel that is UV protected to handle sun and salt. Like all Isotherm products, the compressors are backed by a 5-year limited warranty so that boat owners can have the confidence that this is a product designed for long life.

  • Isotherm Built-In Top Loading Fridges and Freezers
    Isotherm Built-In Top Loading Refrigerators and Freezers allow an optimized use of space on board thanks to the top-loading access to the interior. Perfect for adding additional refrigerated storage without major galley modifications....

  • Built-In (BI) boxes are versatile in design and function.  With remote-mount compressors that can be mounted up to 5 feet away, the Isotherm BI boxes can fit in locations such as under a galley countertop, a seat, or in a lazarette.  All BI boxes can operate at fridge temperatures or down to freezing temperatures of 14 degrees Fahrenheit (-10 Celsius).  Dedicated freezers like the BI-53 Dual and BI-92 Dual are capable of maintaining temperatures of zero degrees Fahrenheit (-18 C) or can be turned up to refrigerator temperatures.

    With Isotherm Built-In Refrigerators and Freezers, boaters can have a simple, effective way to add refrigeration to increase storage for longer cruises or add quick storage for fish or beverages.

  • Isotherrm Refrigeration Systems
    Isotherm COMPACT Marine Refrigeration Systems are designed to provide reliable cooling and low power consumption for ice box conversion from 2 to 21 cubic feet. Isotherm has the largest range of refrigeration and freezer conversion kits....

  • Isotherm ice box conversion kits come complete with compressor, evaporator, thermostat, mounting bracket or plate, and are fully charged with quick-connect, self-sealing valves for easy installation.  Selecting the proper system for your boat is easy: Isotherm Refrigeration Systems are recommended on the volume of space for refrigeration or freezer.

    New models include digital thermostat controls with Isotherm Smart Energy Control (ISEC) and Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC)

    Isotherm Marine Refrigeration Systems are available with your choice of flat evaporator plates which can be bent to fit any ice box, "O" shaped evaporators which make convenient freezer sections while cooling the remainder of the box, or stainless steel holding plate systems with digital controls new for 2019. 

    Isotherm Marine Refrigeration Systems are available as air cooled or water cooled by either the patented SP thru-hull or the Magnum water pump.

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