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Transducers Direct, located in Cincinnati Ohio, is an Industry Leader in Pressure Transducer technology and solutions. While some companies are just introducing wireless products, Transducers Direct is on it's 4th generation wireless solution!  At IBEX 2018, we will be displaying and demonstrating several new & exciting products from our CirrusSense Wireless family including:

  • TDWLB-LC, a lightweight and cost effective wireless pressure transducer
  • TDWLB-DL, a wireless pressure and temperature transducer
  • TDWLB-WR; a wireless pressure and temperature Remote Monitoring System. 

Theses sensors and system allows for monitoring of various pressures and temperatures from AC units, refrigeration systems, water and air pressure systems, and any other application where pressure and temperature measurements are needed. These are viewed onboard locally via your smart device or remotely from anywhere in the world via the Cloud. Apps are Free downloads, both Apple and Android. You can set both email and text alerts/alarms which allows you to be proactive instead of reactive-- have your AC/ Systems checked before it gets HOT and burns out compressors and fish/food spoilage!

In addition, we have partnered with Precision Measurement Technologies to offer the SFD 1000 storm front detector.  Stop by and learn more about the latest technology from Transducers Direct and ask about our Custom Solutions!

Brands: CirrusSense TDWLB Wireless Datalogging Pressure and Temperature Transducers; Wireless Digital Gauge; and Wireless Router to Monitor Data from the Cloud.


Transducers Direct


  • TDWLB-LC Wireless Pressure Transducer
    The Transducers Direct TDWLB-LC series answers the marine market’s demand for a wireless, low cost, lightweight pressure sensor for a wide range of applications—A/C refrigerant, fuel filters, sea strainers, water intake lines, etc....

  • The marine market has demanded wireless sensors for some time now. The ability to monitor system pressures without crawling below deck, or even being on the vessel for that matter, is especially attractive. The marine market demands these products be lightweight, easily installed, and low-cost.

    For example, on marine A/C systems the walls of the copper tubing that carries the refrigerant is extremely thin. Only a small, lightweight sensor will avoid cracking the copper tubing and releasing the refrigerant. The TDWLB-LC is all composite material, an industry first, making it extremely lightweight yet it's as robust as its predecessor in its specified pressure ranges. In addition, both the transmission range and battery life have been extended, all at a price much lower than the original TDWLB series sensors.

    Like its predecessor, the TDWLB-LC still allows for the setting of high and low alarms, and when used with the wireless router, allows for email and/or text alerts when pressure settings are reached.

    Other common applications include monitoring back pressure on sea strainers and fuel filters in order to know when to clean/change the filters.

  • TDWLB-DL Wireless Datalogging Transducer
    The TDWLB-DL series wireless pressure and temperature transducer offers internal data logging functionality. Using Transducers Direct's FREE Apple or Android Apps, you can set up the TDWLB-DL to data log pressure, temperature, or both....

  • The data is stored on the sensor, so you can start the data logging session and walk away.  The data can be viewed, trended, and saved in the App as well as you can email it to whomever you choose in a spreadsheet format.  This incredibly powerful sensor addresses the many requests from contractors and technicians who require this functionality for troubleshooting and setting up new systems. 
  • TDWPG Wireless Pressure Gauge
    Transducers Direct is excited to announce a new addition to the CirrusSense™ Family of wireless sensing products, the TDWPG series wireless pressure gauge....

  • With incredibly long battery life and extended communication range, pressure can be viewed at a glance locally on the LCD display while the same pressure value is transmitted wirelessly for remote monitoring. The TDWPG series pressure gauge is the perfect fit for many applications.

    The TDWPG series works seamlessly with Transducers Direct's free Apple and Android apps allowing the user to view pressure measurements without the hassle and cost of running wiring and power to the sensor. In addition, these wireless pressure gauges easily connect with the CirrusSense Wireless Router allowing for remote monitoring, setting of alarms, email/text alerts, and data logging/reporting. The TDWPG has user selectable units of measure (PSI, Bar, MPa), push button back light, and tare functionality. In addition to these great features, the TDWPG is built on Transducers Direct TD1000 proprietary measuring technology ensuring high quality and high accuracy with quick deliveries and low cost.

  • SFD 1000 Storm Front Detector
    Transducers Direct has partnered with Precision Measurement Technologies in developing a Storm Front Detection System. The innovative SFD-1000 can detect storm/lightning strikes & provide situational awareness with a max distance of up to 25 miles....

  • The marine market is an excellent industry for the SFD-1000 product line, studies have shown lightning is the 2nd leading cause of storm deaths in the US and the marine market has been highly impacted.  The situational awareness provided by the SFD-1000 allows boaters, jet skiers, and personal watercrafts of all kind, time to evacuate to safe areas.  This is a small modular device (9.14” L x 2.55” W) that is easily mounted on any type of watercraft.  The SFD-1000 is low cost, watertight sealed, and built to handle harsh outdoor environments.

    Power Configurations (2 versions):

    • Battery Power, SFD-1000 uses 4AA batteries.  Battery life approximately 1 year.
    • 12 vdc power supply, SFD-1000 can be connected directly to 12 vdc power source on watercraft.

    SFD-1000 Product Functionality:

    LEDS will flash to indicate situational awareness of lightning strikes approaching at a maximum distance of 25 miles: 

    • The green LED will flash at approximately 25 miles.
    • The blue LED will flash at approximately 16 miles. 
    • The red LED will flash at approximately 6 miles.

    Picture of the SFD-1000 with red LEDs flashing indicating a storm is within 6 miles.

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