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We go to extremes to make sure EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS

When the electrical system is in a marine environment, these factors can leave watercraft dead in the water. That’s why many manufacturers of boats and personal watercraft use TE’s environmentally sealed electrical connectors. TE’s connectors are designed to withstand immersion in three feet of water. You’ll find the TE name on the critical connectors on your bilge pump, navigation system, starter, or anywhere failure isn’t an option.

TE Connectivity Ltd. is a $13 billion global technology and manufacturing leader creating a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. For more than 75 years, our connectivity and sensor solutions, proven in the harshest environments, have enabled advancements in transportation, industrial applications, medical technology, energy, data communications, and the home. With 78,000 employees, including more than 7,000 engineers, working alongside customers in nearly 150 countries, TE ensures that EVERY CONNECTION COUNTS. Learn more at www.te.com 

Brands: AMPSEAL, AMPSEAL 16, Circular DIN, DEUTSCH industrial, HDSCS, LEAVYSEAL, and Superseal 1.0 electrical connectors.


TE Industrial & Commercial Transportation – Marine


  • DEUTSCH DT Connectors
    Rugged, Reliable, Field proven...

  • Our DEUTSCH DT connectors offer field proven reliability and rugged quality. The DT design strengths include optional flange mounting, multi-pin arrangements, and design flexibility. Thermoplastic housings offer a wide operating temperature range and silicone rear wire and interface seals allow the connectors to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture.
  • DEUTSCH DTP Connectors
    Field Proven Power...

  • Our DEUTSCH DTP connectors are engineered for higher power applications. These connectors are made of rugged thermoplastic and feature silicone rear wire and interfacial seals that provide reliable connections under harsh conditions. Our DEUTSCH DTP connectors enable designers to use multiple size 12 DEUTSCH contacts, each with a 25 amp continuous capacity, within a single shell.
  • DEUTSCH DTM Connectors
    Compact, Rugged & Reliable...

  • Our DEUTSCH DTM connectors fill the need for lower amperage, multi-pin connectors. These connectors are environmentally sealed and stand up to harsh environments. DEUTSCH DTM connectors can be mounted in-line, flanged, and used for PCB mount applications. The connectors are made of rugged thermoplastic and feature silicone rear wire and interfacial seals that allow the connectors to withstand conditions of extreme temperature and moisture.
  • DEUTSCH DTHD Connectors
    Single Cavity Power...

  • Our DEUTSCH DTHD connectors are single terminal connectors for heavy-duty applications. Easy to install, environmentally sealed and compact in size, these connectors offer a simple, field serviceable alternative to a splice. DEUTSCH DTHD connectors are available in three sizes, carry 25 to 100 amps, and can be mounted or used in-line. These connectors are also available with end cap and flange mount modifications, which can enhance design flexibility and help you meet application requirements.
  • DEUTSCH HD10 Connectors
    Reliability in harsh environments...

  • Our DEUTSCH HD10 connectors are an environmentally sealed, thermoplastic, and cylindrical connector series. These rugged connectors are designed to withstand the harsh environments of the trucking, agricultural, marine, mining, and construction industries. DEUTSCH HD10 connectors are heavily used for diagnostic connections and are available for either in-line or flanged mounted applications.
  • DEUTSCH HDP20 Connectors
    Rugged Composite Connectors...

  • Our DEUTSCH HDP20 connectors are heavy-duty, environmentally sealed, composite shell, multi-pin connectors. These connectors are offered in two plastic shell sizes and in nineteen different configurations. The configurations range from 2 to 47 cavities and accommodate multiple size contacts and wire sizes inside of a single shell.
  • DEUTSCH PCB Enclosures and Headers
    Off-the-Shelf PCB Enclosures...

  • Our DEUTSCH PCB enclosures and headers are rugged, environmentally sealed solutions for printed circuit board applications. The enclosures feature through hole mounting flanges, as well as optional venting. Designed with space to accommodate one or more DEUTSCH DT or DTM connector interfaces, the headers feature 90° pins. A radial flange seal provides environmental sealing to the enclosure. The headers mate with standard DEUTSCH DT and DTM plugs.
  • AMPSEAL 16 Connectors
    Rugged, Sealed, One-Piece Design...

  • Our AMPSEAL 16 connectors are targeted for off-road, heavy-duty industrial, recreational and agricultural applications. These connectors offer rugged reliability, easy use, and help prevent moisture and dirt from contaminating connections. AMPSEAL 16 receptacle and pin housings offer a one-piece approach and come fully assembled.
  • DEUTSCH DRB Connectors
    High Density Bulkhead...

  • Our DEUTSCH DRB connectors are heavy-duty connectors designed for bulkhead applications. Several mounting flange options and wire arrangements are available. DEUTSCH DRB connectors are suited for on- and off-highway applications, and the marine, industrial, and agriculture markets.
  • DEUTSCH DRC Connectors
    Variety of options for design flexibility...

  • Our DEUTSCH DRC connectors are designed for high-pin count, harsh environment applications. These environmentally sealed, rectangular shaped connectors are offered with insert arrangements of 24, 40, 50, 60, 64, and 70 cavities that accept size 16 and 20 DEUTSCH contacts. Several mounting options are available including in-line, flange mount, and PCB mount.
  • AMP MCP 9.5 Two Position Connectors
    High-Powered Connections...

  • Our high-power AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are designed for harsh environment wire-to-wire and wire-to-circuit board connections. These connectors are constructed of heavy-duty thermoplastic and withstand severe vibration and mechanical shock. The AMP MCP 9.5 two position connectors are IP 67 & IP 69K rated (with backshell) and protect connections from dust, dirt, and moisture. Several mounting options are available, including inline, flange, sealed flange, and PCB mount.
  • AMPSEAL Connectors
    Reliable PCB Solution...

  • Our AMPSEAL connectors are designed for cable-to-board harsh environment applications. Environmentally sealed for rugged reliability, these connectors are available in cable plugs and PCB mount headers engineered to withstand extreme temperature and moisture, including high-temperature underhood applications.
  • Circular DIN Connectors
    Rugged, Reliable, Standard...

  • Our Circular DIN connectors are designed to meet the requirements of DIN standards, including the 72585/ISO 15170 standard. These connectors feature a coupling ring for mating and are suitable for in-line, flange mount, or PCB applications.
  • HDSCS Connectors
    High Performance Design...

  • Our Heavy Duty Sealed Connector Series (HDSCS) offers several cavity arrangements and mixed wire sizes. These rugged, thermoplastic connectors have a secondary lock with poke-yoke feature and can be used for in-line or flange mount applications. HDSCS connectors are available in five housing sizes and with four keying options. They are offered in arrangements ranging from 2 to 18 cavities.
  • LEAVYSEAL Connectors
    High Density Lever Mating...

  • Our LEAVYSEAL connectors utilize a lever lock system for mating and are designed for harsh environment truck, bus, and off-highway applications. These high pin count connectors have arrangements from 15 to 92 positions. LEAVYSEAL connectors allow for mixed terminal sizes to be used in one housing.
  • Data Connectivity Solutions
    Connecting the connected boat...

  • TE's dat connectivity products provide the next generation of connected boats with fast, reliable, and responsive connectivity solutions.
  • DEUTSCH STRIKE Connectors
    High Density Lever Mating...

  • Our DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors feature a lever lock system and are designed for heavy duty equipment applications. DEUTSCH STRIKE connectors are available in two housing sizes. The connectors are available in 32 and 64 cavities that accept size 16 & 20 DEUTSCH contacts.
  • Sealed Mini Fuse Holder
    Compact, Sealed Circuit Protection...

  • Our compact, IP67 rated, two position mini fuse holder accepts AMP MCP 2.8 contacts and can be mounted using standard DEUTSCH DT and AMPSEAL 16 connector mounting clips. This sealed mini fuse holder is engineered for reliability in applications where failure is not an option. Constructed of heavy-duty thermoplastic to withstand severe vibration and mechanical shock, this fuse holder can accommodate two active fuses and two spares.
  • Sealed Fuse & Relay Boxes
    The Sealed Fuse & Relay Boxes offer multiple configuration options...

  • Sealed fuse and relay boxes provide electrical circuit protection and load switching capability in harsh environments. They accept AMP MCP contacts. All sealed fuse and relay boxes use matching covers that provide an environmental seal.
  • Superseal 1.0 Connectors
    Compact, High Density PCB...

  • Our Superseal 1.0 connectors are designed to meet the increasing need for dependable printed circuit board applications in harsh environments. Superseal 1.0 headers are available with straight or right-angle pins. Various locking latch options and keying configurations are also available.

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