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Syntec Industries has been committed to providing quality products to the marine industry since 1986.  With a foundation firmly rooted in the manufacturing of carpet, Syntec has expanded their product offering to deliver all types of flooring options, along with Gussi Italia® steering wheels, upholstery vinyl, TPE seating material, adhesives, floor mats, needlepunch, headliners, luxury vinyl tile and PE foam flooring. In addition, Syntec boldly continues to expand its new Sensations® Woven PVC Flooring product line, demonstrating versatility of design to suit the needs of their customers. Syntec also continues to create strategic alliances to bring value and performance with innovations like NBT Marine™, Elage™ and Cool Touch™ Vinyl upholstery technology to the market. For more information please visit us in booth #1221.

Brands: Gussi Italia®, Chilewich, CMI Enterprises, Beauflor, Reflex and Sensations®


  • Elage™
    Using a proprietary blend of polymers, Elage™ is a Thermoplastic Elastomer product with no plasticizers. It offers impressive UV protection, eliminates cracking and drying, and resists stains, scuffs and punctures with a heavy-duty 20GA skin....

  • Upholstery Covering That’s Got You Covered—5 Year Warranty on Elage™ and a 3 Year Warranty against pinking!

    Help your customers extend the beauty of their boat with Elage™ Technologies. Using a proprietary blend of polymers, Elage is an exceptionally durable upholstery covering that tailors like leather and looks luxurious.
    Not only is Elage a beauty, it’s a beast. It offers UV protection, eliminates cracking and drying, and resists stains and punctures with a heavy-duty 20GA skin. Best of all, Elage significantly reduces “pink staining” and backs it with a three-year limited warranty against pinking.

    What’s most notable about Elage Technologies may be what’s missing. Elage’s eco-friendly formulation uses no liquids, softening agents or plasticizers. 

    Top 6 Benefits to Boaters:

    • Luxurious leather-look and feel
    • Highly durable with seam and staple strength
    • UV protection prevents drying and cracking
    • Reduces visible “pink staining”
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Now featuring a FIVE-year limited warranty on Elage, and a THREE-year warranty against pinking!


  • Sensations Woven PVC Textile
    Sensations by Syntec are woven PVC textiles offering lasting luxury and exceptional performance. Available in various patterns, this unique material looks beautiful on any boat yet is tough enough to weather any condition....

  • Indulge Your Senses                                                              

    Produced on state-of-the-art Jacquard Looms for more flexibility in patterns, textures, and colors, Sensations by Syntec is the definition of “rugged refinement.” It’s perfect for flooring, wall coverings, upholstery and trims, and offers carefree maintenance so you can enjoy more downtime—and less upkeep! 

    Sensations is tough on mold, mildew, tearing, and abrasion, and withstands an incredible 3,000 hours of UV exposure. It’s also made to last against the elements and the rigors of boating!

    Top 5 benefits to boaters:

    • Meets marine flammability requirements
    • Resists negative effects from Ozone and most chemicals                         
    • Keeps feet firmly on the floor whether rain or shine. 
    • Dimensionally stable in diverse climates
    • Offers wet and dry slip resistance

    With Sensations, you can finally have a textile that looks as great as it performs!


  • Needlepunch
    Delivering a one-two punch of beauty and brawn, this revolutionary Syntec fabric is ideal for marine applications like walls, floors, hulls, trunks, trailer bunks, and cargo spaces. It works great for RVs and automotives too....

  • Needlepunch Fabrics are a Knockout!

    With a lightweight design and heavyweight performance, Needlepunch fabrics are made for both easy installation and extreme weather conditions. 

    Crafted from a proprietary blend of polyester and polypropylene, Needlepunch comes in a variety of styles, colors, and widths, and can be cut and molded to fit any custom-size shape or space. 

    And while Needlepunch may be easy on the eyes, it’s also tough as nails. That’s because Needlepunch is designed to withstand water exposure, the elements, and all the other rigors of boating and the outdoors, which makes it ideal for fortifying boats, RVs, and automobiles. 

    Top 5 Benefits to boaters and outdoor enthusiasts:                                             

    • Designed to whether tough marine and outdoor environments 
    • Withstands fraying, scarring, and tearing
    • Resists molds and mildew
    • Comes in a variety of contemporary color and style options 
    • Perfect for floors, walls, trailer bunk coverings, trunk liners, hull liners, and cargo liners


  • Power Wings
    Gussi Italia® Power Wings are an elegantly crafted steering wheel extension unit that nestles behind the wheel to put typical boat dashboard features right at your customers’ fingertips, creating a true captain’s console....

  • A True Captain’s Console

    Always with an eye toward innovation, Gussi Italia® is proud to introduce Power Wings, a steering wheel extension unit that puts boat features like lighting, media, trim tabs, anchor, and horn at the captain’s wheel so that engaging boat functions is as effortless as lifting a finger.

    Power Wings are molded from ABS plastic and stainless steel, with 14 customizable laser etched backlit control areas. The color of the Power Wings is also customizable, and can be made to match the wheel. 

    Top 5 benefits to boaters:

    • Molded from ABS plastic and stainless steel
    • Up to 14 total customizable control locations
    • Laser etched, backlit console icons corresponding to user activity
    • Elegantly designed and easily installed by the OEM   
    • Complete control right from the wheel

    Elegantly designed and easy to install, Power Wings let your customers take control — without taking their hands off the wheel.


  • Deboss Marine Vinyl Upholstery
    Deboss marine vinyl upholstery panels look sharp—but are smooth to the touch. Available in a variety of unique patterns as well as customized designs, Deboss adds incredible eye-appeal to marine seating and side panels....

  • Easy to install. Easier on the eyes.

    Take the boring out of boating with Syntec’s eye-popping 3D vinyl upholstery panels. Manufactured using a proprietary process without the need for stitching, these innovative marine panels can be easily installed and feature debossed patterns that add interest and texture to seating and side panels.

    Top 5 benefits to boaters:

    • Heat-sealed to reduce mold and mildew penetration
    • Available in bold or subtle patterns, as well as custom designs
    • Available sized large (20"h x 35"w) or small (15"h x 24"w)
    • Conveniently packaged for easy installation              
    • Reasonable tooling costs


  • Stocked Pattern Marine Carpeting
    Marine carpeting is making a comeback. Syntec’s selection of quality carpeting has been a staple in the industry for over 30 years, offering mold and mildew resistance and exceptional durability despite the rigors of boating....

  • The Comfort of Carpet. The Quality of Syntec.

    Syntec’s exceptional selection of patterns and colors have been carefully designed to reflect contemporary trends, and the soft, plush feel is welcoming to every customer who comes aboard your boats.

    This exceptional carpeting comes in our Swirl or Amaze pattern, in four sought-after colors: Country Beige, Midnight Star, Sterling, and True Mica Mist. Each is plush to the touch and welcoming to anyone who comes aboard your boats.

    Top 4 benefits to boaters:                                                                      

    • Resistant to moisture, mildew, mold, and fading
    • 3,000-hour UV stabilized manufacturing process
    • Exceptional durability and performance even in extreme conditions
    • Available with glue-down backing (GT) or aquatrac snap-in backing (AT)
    • Manufactured on computerized level-cut loop tufting machines in 8'6" widths


  • Marine Adhesives
    Made specifically for the marine industry and mixed to order, Syntec offers an extensive selection of glue, water-based adhesives, solvents, and hot-melt formulas, available in custom-order quantities, from containers to vats....

  • Superior Adhesives and Service for the Marine Industry                    
    When adding installations to your water-destined designs, you want adhesives made for the marine industry. Syntec understands the science behind the formulations, using the highest-quality ingredients, mixed fresh to order, to create glues that will stick around for years to come. Our eco-friendly manufacturing process and pollutant-free formulas also register the lowest VOC impact for the health and safety of our customers—and yours. 
    Syntec offers an extensive selection of adhesives, available in custom-order quantities from single-ounce containers to tanker-sized vats, plus a Quick Ship Program for a hassle-free buying experience.
    A Warranty You Can Depend On
    Syntec stands behind its products and certifies proper installation by requiring a commitment from everyone involved in adhesive applications. We provide the training to your team, and cover a period of three years if certification is maintained.


  • Reflex
    An exceptional choice for swim platforms, decks, helm stations, floors, steps, and coaming bolsters, Reflex non-skid traction padding is a safe, comfortable, and durable choice that leaves other EVA products in its wake....

  • The Proof Is In the Padding

    Using Ultralon Polyethylene (PE) foams renowned for durability, performance, and dimensional stability, Reflex is unrivaled in its technology. The PE foam is 100% virgin polyethylene material with absolutely no clay or silicon fillers, eliminating voids and surface imperfections commonly found on EVA products. Reflex also has a higher Heat Distortion Temperature so they won’t shrink and leave behind messy glues. 

    To prove it, we put our padding to the test against EVA products using a third-party lab. The results speak for themselves.

    • HEAT: PE suffered far less damage/shrinkage in ovens at temperatures up to 160° F. 
    • STAINS: PE stood up better against stain agents like ketchup, sunscreen, and motor oil.
    • ABRASIONS: PE lost 4.82% less material after 500 cycles against an abrasion-testing rotary wheel.
    • ADHESIVE: PE required at least two more pounds of force to extract it from the substrate.
    • FADING: PE provides a more robust UV stability and color fading prevention.


  • NBT Nano Block
    Get the most effective protection for marine upholstery with Syntec NBT® Nano Block. It works at the molecular level to repel stains, scuffs, mildew, and more. Plus, damaging UV rays are no match for its powerful protection....

  • The Science of Clean                               

    NBT® Nano Block is a high-performance vinyl formulation from Syntec providing the most effective protection for boat upholstery. NBT® Marine uses innovative nanotechnology that works at the molecular level to repel stains, scuffs, mildew and more. 

    Syntec is the first coated-fabrics manufacturer to embrace this advanced nanotechnology, setting new industry standards for the protection of vinyl products. From our in-house additives to our convenient cleaning kits, we provide all the tools your customers need to keep their boats looking great.

    Top 4 benefits to boaters:                                                                                               

    • Makes cleaning easy with a simple wipe against even the most stubborn spots
    • Blocks surface mildew and other unwelcome microbials
    • Offers three times longer UV defense to preserve vinyl color and finish
    • Creates an effective barrier against abrasions, grease, grime, and gasoline
    • NBT marine kits also available for when customers are on the water and on the go!


  • Ridgeline
    Keep your boat clean and clutter-free with Ridgeline liners by Syntec. This highly-durable matting holds up against serious wear and tear and is perfect for storage spaces of all sizes—plus, it will not mold or mildew....

  • Get Your Gear Together.

    Protect your storage spaces and everything they contain with Ridgeline liners by Syntec. Boating requires storage for a lot of awkward items, like skis, wakeboards, and other water toys; not to mention work tools and fishing gear. Ridgeline can help keep your hull clean and clutter-free.

    Protection Perfection.

    Ridgeline’s super-durable matting is made to look good and hold up against serious wear and tear. It’s perfect for: 

    • Storage spaces of all sizes
    • Ski lockers
    • Engine compartments
    • Glove boxes
    • Side panels and gunnels 

    As an added benefit, Ridgeline even helps reduce engine and equipment noise. Manufactured of closed cell foam to be extremely durable, this exceptional liner will not mold or mildew and is available in black with plain or pebble texture


  • Chilewich
    Bring depth and dimension to virtually any surface of your boat with Chilewich® textiles. These beautiful and durable woven fabrics are ideal coverings for floors and walls, and are exceptionally easy to maintain....

  • Woven to Perfection.

    Founded in 2000 by New York designer Sandy Chilewich, this woven vinyl collection continues to push the boundaries of form and function, and is available in a broad range of innovative textures and distinctive colors. 


    Chilewich® products are strengthened by Microban, which protects against stain- and odor-causing microbial growth. The yarns use phthalate-free, vegetable-based compounds in place of petroleum-based plasticizers, and all contain at least 18% rapidly renewable content. 


    Routine vacuuming keeps Chilewich products in peak condition, and its BioFelt backing system features an integrated moisture barrier to prevent spill absorption and inhibit growth of mold and mildew. 


    The soft, woven surfaces of Chilewich textiles also enhance acoustics by controlling echo and reducing reverberation. 


    Chilewich products are available in uniform texture and height which makes for easy mixing and matching.


  • Gussi Italia® Steering Wheels & Accessories
    Handcrafted in Italy by some of the world’s finest craftsmen, Syntec proudly offers Gussi Italia® steering wheels. Perfectly balanced and molded, made of genuine mahogany, and covered in leather, these wheels are works of art....

  • The Finest Wheels in the World. Handcrafted by the Best Craftsmen in Italy.

    We may not have invented the wheel, but we have reimagined it. Proudly presented by Syntec, Gussi Italia® steering wheels are not just the centerpiece of any boat, but a true masterpiece. Each wheel is crafted in the village of Tregnago, Italy, and meticulously designed by hand. 


    It Just Feels Right.            

    Gussi Italia® artisans use only the finest materials like genuine mahogany. With an even grain that’s free from knots and voids, it naturally resists rot and insects. Our steelworkers also know how to refine a steel melt to create a perfectly molded, balanced, and weighted product. 


    Each Gussi Italia®  is also covered in molded polyurethane foams and naturally hand-stitched leathers that resist unraveling.


    The wheels are available in nearly 60 different designs, and we stand behind each and every one. Our guarantee is this: once you get your hands on a Gussi Italia® , you’ll never want to let go. 


  • CoolTouch™ Vinyl
    Syntec’s award-winning CoolTouch™ is a innovative, temperature controlled vinyl technology that’s revolutionizing the marine industry. It’s been tested and proven to drop temperatures on sun-drenched seats 10 to 15 degrees....

  • Vinyl That Always Keeps its Cool.

    Your customers know what it’s like to be in the hot seat. At the height of summer, the sun’s rays can turn up the heat on dark colored vinyl—turning every touch into an ouch.


    Now, Syntec puts a new spin on vinyl with its patented CoolTouchtechnology. CoolTouchgives hot seats the cold shoulder, dropping temperatures an amazing 10 to 15 degrees, even in the direct sun. That’s actually lower and safer than some neutral vinyl colors on the market.


    With award-winning CoolTouch, you’re no longer locked into light-colored vinyl when bringing your vision to life—and your customers aren’t forced to cover your creation in towels and T-shirts just to enjoy it. Now how cool is that?


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