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A global mfr of metal components tailor made to satisfy a broad range of customer requirements

CMP Group Ltd. is a leading global manufacturer of marine recreational and commercial anodes, marine chain, autopilot drive systems, remote steering systems, anchors, docking and mooring products, anti-fouling systems, & film galvanizing systems with manufacturing facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe.

CMP is also a global supplier of advanced metal products, engineered & machined die castings and subassemblies for the Marine, Hydraulics, Telecommunications, and Electronics industries. The company markets its products under the Martyr, Titan, Octopus, Dock Edge, Vulcan and Rocna, and Seaguard brands.

All of us at CMP are dedicated to customer service and committed to product quality.

Brands: Martyr, Titan, Rocna, Vulcan, Octopus, Intellisteer, Dock Edge+, Seaguard by Zinga


Automatic Boat Fender


  • Stainless Steel Flip Swivel
    Highest work load of any self-righting swivel on the market...

    • Flip swivel – rotates anchor into the correct orientation if it retrieves over the bow upside-down
    • Covers the size ranges from Rocna®/Vulcan® Anchors 6Kg through 55Kg
    • Highest work load of any self-righting swivel on the market
    • Will fit imperial and metric chain
    • Unique in the market, meets the same load specs even in side load
    • Stainless Steel Grade: 17-4PH which is stronger than 316 while still offering excellent corrosion resistance
    • Polished mirror finish
    • Hardware included: loctite hexagon socket set screws, allen key, installation instructions
  • Martyr Anodes
    Protect your boat, protect our waters...

  • The only manufacturer that offers environmentally friendly anodes for all water types for pleasurecraft and commercial. We have developed ZINC-LESS Martyr Premium™ anodes for salt & brackish water, and Martyr Fresh™ anodes for fresh water, which contain no cadmium.

    Martyr Premium™ aluminum performs at least 5% better than traditional zinc anodes in saltwater.

    • Protects 50% longer than traditional zinc anode
    • Results in considerable cost savings compared with traditional zinc anodes on commercial products
    • Premium™ aluminum alloy anodes for all Salt or Brackish Water: US MIL-DTL-24779(SH); Fresh™ magnesium alloy anodes for Fresh Water only
    • Weigh 50% less than traditional zinc anodes
    • No Cadmium added, a toxic material found in traditional zinc anodes, making it ZINC-LESS
  • Octopus Autopilot Drives
    Hold patents on several unique devices that enhance drive performance, and supply drives to most of the Marine Industry’s leading Autopilot manufacturers....

  • Enhance drive performance, supply to leading Autopilot mfg

    The Octopus Drives provide the “muscle” for the Autopilot System.  It receives control signals from the Autopilot Course Computer, and turns these into action by providing the mechanical or hydraulic power to actually change the direction of the rudder or motor.

    Autopilot Drive Units are either hydraulic or mechanical devices,  are powered by 12 or 24 volts dc motors, and come in  a range of sizes to match the needs of both power and sailboats, large or small.
  • Intellisteer Remote Steering
    Intellisteer wireless remote steering offers a full range of products that are easy to install, easy on the wallet and make fishing and boating a whole lot easier and more fun!...

  • Intellisteer puts steering control into a handheld pendant: push-button steering at trolling speeds for freedom while fishing or cruising. Designed for DIY installation, the handheld unit and receiver can be paired in the field from over one million control codes to enhance security. The receiver has a motor drive capability up to 25A, overload protection and reverse polarity protection. The ergonomic, water-resistant, wireless pendant offers simple one-handed operation for steering from anywhere aboard. A range of models support a wide variety of steering systems. For boats already fitted with autopilots, the Standalone System provides a simple wireless steering upgrade. There are also several Intellisteer options for boats which do not have an autopilot, depending on the steering type. The Type R System controls a kicker motor directly and comes with a remote drive unit, wireless system, and a steering cable.

  • Titan Marine Products
    World class marine anchor chain, anchor rodes, lines, and shackles for every kind of boat...

  • Titan has become a leader in the marine manufacturing industry by making reliable equipment that ensures boat safety and ultimate tensile strength. Titan products are proof-tested and engineered to guarantee to exceed marine industry specifications for stretch and wear as well as for safe mooring.

    At Titan, we build our reputation by putting quality as our top priority. We understand the importance of using reliable equipment for boats, which is why all of our products are proof-tested and engineered in Canada to ensure that they exceed industry specifications. Our team is committed to sourcing and using only the most trusted alloys on the market to guarantee that every boater has a positive experience with all of our products. To continue our leadership in the marine industry, we are constantly expanding our brand with new and innovative technologies that enhance boating experiences.

    Products range from HDG chain, SS chain, Swivels, Shackles, Lines, Rodes to Outboard Motor Stand, and so on and so forth.

    Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® offers the film galvanising system in an aerosol spray format that is the best bang for the buck...

  • Every year, corrosion costs the boating industry billions of dollars. In addition to affecting the appearance of the boat, it causes structural instability thereby posing a serious safety hazard.

    Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® offers the film galvanising system in an aerosol spray format that is the best bang for the buck. Since it only requires two coats, dries quickly and can be used above or even below waterline, it makes for easy on-site application.

    In order to offer a galvanic protection, a zinc concentration of at least 92% must be present in the dry extract. Given that Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® contains 96% of zinc in the dry film, it exceeds this condition.

    Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® is ideal for the repairing and touching-up of damaged or old hot-dipped or zinc-coated structures. Good resistance to mechanical shocks, abrasion and erosion makes it a solid and reliable solution for preventing corrosion.

    Martyr Seaguard Zincspray by Zinga® has various uses and applications:

    • Standalone system
    • Primer under suitable topcoats
    • As a shop primer
    • For repair/recharging for worn galvanizing
    • On rebar

    To learn more, visit

  • Automatic Fender™
    Dock without leaving the Cockpit, deploy the bow fenders with a single push of a button. Designed and manufactured in California, USA....

  • The Automatic Fenders deploy the bow fenders with a single push of a button, without the need to climb on the boat's bow/deck. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, almost invisibly. It’s made of a white, shiny PolyCarbonate/ABS and blend nicely with the boat; making them almost invisible. 

    ​Fender height from the water is set to support different height docks and rafting/tethering tying. Installation and operation is very easy, requiring only three clamps to connect (no drilling). No electrical connection to the boat is required. It comes with a rechargeable battery, charged using a solar cell Bluetooth communication. 

    They can be controlled from any location on the boat, and are delivered with a unique username and password to prevent unauthorized operation and deter theft. The Automatic Fenders work with different size center (through) hole fenders.

    It eases bow fenders deployment in Cruisers, Fishing boats, Offshores, Speedboats, and any boat with inconvenient bow access. From all fender Baskets and fender storage solutions they are the best looking. The fenders are stored horizontally under the railing, not blocking the captain’s view. 

  • Rocna® Anchors
    Choose a Rocna anchor to provide a ground tackle system that matches the performance and quality of your boats....

  • Choose a Rocna anchor to provide a ground tackle system that matches the performance and quality of your boats.

    A Rocna always attains its correct setting attitude for quick penetration, regardless of how it hits the bottom. It digs straight in, offers industry leading holding-power, and will not easily trip out on load reversal.

    Recent independent tests by publications such as Cruising World, Practical Sailor, SAIL, and Practical Boat Owner show that new-generation type anchors such as the Rocna consistently outperform older plow, claw, or pivoting fluke designs when considering both holding power and setting performance.

    A Rocna does not waste energy with lead or cast iron weights, meaning weight is more efficiently used in structural strength and extra blade area (holding power). On a comparable weight for weight basis, this means greater security for cruisers, or a lighter anchor for weight sensitive craft.

  • Titan Outboard Motor Stand
    Ideal for holding, moving and displaying outboard motors...

    • Powder coated steel frame
    • Includes a solid and durable High-Density HDU/PU (Polyurethane) mounting board
    • Solid Polyurethane wheels with a heavy-duty steel shaft
    • Features 175LBs capacity, and can handle up to 30HP 4 stroke outboard motors
    • Includes a heavy duty cloth tool bag & buckle strap for the fuel tank
    • Features rubber handles with an ergonomic grip
    • Includes user-friendly assembly instructions and all of the required tools
    • Easy to assemble

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