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SeaStar Solutions is the leading provider of OEM and aftermarket products for the marine market.

For over 60 years, SeaStar Solutions® has put boaters in command and control of their vessels. From throttle and shift control cables to your boats steering to instrumentation and repair parts for your engine and drive, SeaStar Solutions® has continually led the recreational marine industry with innovation, quality and a commitment to supplying boat builders, dealers and boaters with the parts they need, when they need them.  It’s this dedication that has kept SeaStar Solutions® at the forefront of the industry – and that continues to play an important role as we enter the 21st century.

Brands: SeaStar Solutions, SeaStar, Optimus EPS, Optimus 360, BayStar, NFB, Xtreme Mechanical Steering, SeaStar Jack Plates, Moeller Marine, STATS, Sierra, Shields Hose and Seloc Marine.


  • Seastar Jackplates
    The SeaStar Jackplate is a must for anglers who want maximum speed and fuel economy, especially when running in shallow depths. Extremely responsive to quickly raise/lower engines up to 300hp at full speed....

  • The SeaStar Standard Jackplate is one of the sleekest and most durable engine Jackplates available. This essential performance accessory allows for higher speed, gains in fuel economy and the ability to run in shallow water. The SeaStar Jackplate features sleek, bold styling that is redefining the look for Jackplates.

    Available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-inch setbacks. It also has a new high-speed hydraulic actuator that lifts engines 5.8″ in 8.5 seconds. The SeaStar Standard Jackplate is rated for 300 horsepower engines tilt when used with SeaStar steering cylinders. 

    The latest in SeaStar Jackplate Revolution. Delivering advanced engineering through customer input.


    • Xtreme Jackplate line with 400HP rating in all setbacks
    • Easy wrench access to engine bolts from the side
    • Easier access to transom mounting bolts
    • Thicker anodizing with anode attachment points
    • Improved smoother bushing design
    • Shallow water anchor mountable on all setbacks
    • Easier SmartStick installation for ProTap upgrades
    • Lower weight
  • Optimus EPS | Electronic Power Steering
    Optimus EPS (Electronic Power Steering) provides both ease of use and speed-adaptive technology to provide superior control, whether at slow speeds in the marina or running in open seas...

  • Available for Both Retrofit and New Engine Installations

    As the captain of your vessel you know how important it is to have command of your yacht, Optimus EPS gives you the steering control, performance, and comfort you expect. With Optimus EPS, you can take command of your yacht without having to arm-wrestle for control.

    Active Sensitivity

    Lock-to-lock turns and wheel effort are programmed to change with engine RPM. At slow speeds, Optimus EPS can be set to reduce the number of turns lock-to-lock, for example, 4 and make it easier to steer. When you’re negotiating through traffic or in a tight spot, those smaller moves of the wheel give you precise control. When you’re running at speed in open water, Optimus EPS can be set to increase lock-to-lock turns, for example, and increase steering effort giving the driver more stability to comfortably keep on course. And through it all, Optimus EPS does the work, so you can relax and take it easy.

    Advantages of Optimus Electronic Power Steering

    • Auto adjusting speed sensitive helm effort and turns lock to lock
    • Low and high-speed dynamic rudder stop position
    • Position proportional rudder gain for faster steering response near neutral rudder position
    • Can add autopilot without adding an additional pump
    • 3 helm capability
    • No more long hydraulic hose runs to the helm(s)
    • Open loop mode allows the system to maintain steering even in the event of a complete loss of RFU signal
    • Twin pump configuration provides redundancy in the event of single pump failure
    • Twin power inputs with internal battery management system (BMS) prevents steering loss when one power source is low or lost
    • Multi-levels of redundancy includes fault tolerant CAN network and multiple sensors built into each of the components
    • Comprehensive system status and fault indication
    • Supports 12V / 24V DC systems
    • NMEA 2000 Certified. Meets or exceeds NMMA, ABYC, CE, ISO, and SAE electrical and environmental requirements

    Applications for Optimus EPS Inboard

    • Most single and twin inboard engine boats – electronic and mechanical controlled
    • Single, twin and triple helm station yachts
    • Performance motor yachts, express convertibles, and sport yachts
  • Optimus 360
    Optimus 360 Joystick Docking Control provides multi-directional control with the simple movement of a joystick. Optimus 360 is available for stern-drive and outboard powered boats with electronic or mechanical controls....

  • There’s Nothing It Can’t Do

    Optimus 360, for twin, triple and quad engine applications

    Optimus 360 gives your boat a whole new dimension of control. By developing the joystick function to be intuitive, Optimus 360 allows you to move your boat not only forward and back, but also sideways, by pushing the joystick to the left, or to the right, and even, rotate on a dime, all with a simple twist of the joystick.

    Optimus 360 is designed for low-speed maneuvering and really excels in the marina when pulling in and out of your slip, or docking. Optimus 360 uses intelligent programming to minimize the amount of shifting required to complete a maneuver.

    With progressive throttling, the joystick becomes a natural extension of your hand. A light push on the joystick provides minimal thrust while more thrust can be applied by pushing harder on the joystick. The boost mode increases the RPM to give you more thrust when needed.

    Each component has been designed to complement the other, resulting in a seamless experience of steering control in virtually every situation on the water. The high level of engineering also extends to the reliability of the system, with quality materials, careful manufacturing, and redundant systems, all to stand up to the rigors of life on the water.

    • Three-axis joystick with guided feel and boost mode
    • Unique joystick design with a focus on user ergonomics and harsh marine environments
    • User adjustable speed sensitive helm turns, wheel effort and steering response
    • Fault tolerant CAN Bus network
    • Sealed, locking cable connections
    • On-demand hydraulic steering pumps
    • Adjustable stainless steel ORB fittings on the SmartCylinder
    • Compatible with 3rd party autopilot systems
    • Dual redundancy components
    • Optional multi-joystick capability

  • MDI | Marine Digital Integrators
    Imagine controlling all of your electrical components via one simple, programmable, touch screen system ready to plug and play. SeaStar has now brought this technology to the marine market....

  • Imagine controlling all of your electrical components via one simple, programmable, touch screen system… ready to plug and play.

    Digital switching has been a part of our life in the telecommunication & automotive industries and now SeaStar has brought this technology to the marine market.  Wiring analog DC systems on your boat can be very complex and this problem is scaled with the size of vessel which can sometimes lead to multiple switches per load.  Analog DC systems are difficult to install and troubleshoot, however, a digital switching system from MDI solves these problems through the use of a fully integrated touchscreen display to replace all the physical switches on your dashboard.  This touchscreen display is also corrosion proof which therefore eliminates the common corrosion issue found with physical switches.

    Digital switching modules are dispersed around your boat and connected with a single network cable, which will provide you with more room inside your boat instead of using up space for wiring bundles in the walls.  Digital switches are infinitely customizable.  If you would like to turn on different lights at the same time, you can quickly change it without having to rewire your boat and the self-diagnostic systems will report any wiring issues.  All of these features offer you a fully integrated boat where all of your electrical systems and actuators are controlled through the screen.


     Speeds production by reducing the time required for wiring.

     “Plug n Play” systems are designed, built and fully tested at our MDI.

     Reduces wiring complexity improving reliability and reducing labor costs to install or service.

     In-house expertise provides ABYC compliant AC and DC digital electrical system designs.

     Complete electrical system design and development services.

     Integrates with Optimus steering, third-party devices, and other SeaStar components.

     Customized programming.

     Proprietary designs allow for unique brand-specific features.

     Digital systems training and field support.

     Expert service and on-site support.

     Touchscreens replace physical switches to increase usable helm space.

     Digital displays eliminate switches and associated corrosion issues.

     Customizable modes.

     Advanced troubleshooting and diagnostic reporting.

     Integrated Vessel Control simplifies ride control.

     Optional remote connectivity (Telematics).

     iPad, iPhone and Droid control.

  • Xtreme Control Cables
    SeaStar Xtreme control cables feature an exclusive splined core that moves smoothly and with minimum lost motion, even when long, complex runs are involved....

  • With its unique splined core XTREME delivers unparalleled smoothness and efficiency – with hardly any lost motion – even in the longest and most complex cable routings. This gives superior feel at the control, performance that until now was considered ‘impossible’.

    Traditional cables vary by the stiffness of the core wire and how tightly it fits in the casing. Thus the classic trade-offs that have existed in control cable design: Stiffer core/tighter fit offers less lost motion, but is harder to move. With longer and more complex runs, cable movement becomes progressively more difficult.

    More flexible core/looser fit has an easier feel but allows more lost motion. This approach leads to an overall sloppy feel, RPM loss or difficult gear engagement.

    These trade-offs aren’t an issue for cables with XTREME technology because they are different — really different!

    SeaStar Solutions®’s unique XTREME technology incorporates a patented splined core. Ridges on the core allow a close fit with the cable’s inner liner, but with minimum contact, so the core glides back and forth smoothly like a skater on ice.

    RESULT: a control cable with easy movement AND minimum lost motion.


    • XTREME’s unique design incorporates a patent-pending splined core which allows easy movement and minimum lost motion
    • Designed for complex and/or long cable runs (or to simply create a superior feel)
    • Available in several style options avoiding the need for adaptor kits
    • All XTREME cables are available in 1ft increments
    • Gen II type suits Mercury 4000 series controls

  • i7800 Electronic Engine Control System
    The NEW i7700 actuator contains both the shift and throttle actuator within one compact housing and is not only powerful enough to manage the shift and throttle functions on the most extreme applications....

  • Shift and Throttle Actuators

    The NEW i7700 actuator contains both the shift and throttle actuator within one compact housing and are not only powerful enough to manage the shift and throttle functions on the most extreme applications, they are also exceedingly responsive and robust. The actuators are linked to the control heads via a single 1/4” (6mm) CANbus cable making cable routing incredibly easy. In addition, the i7700 actuators have a mechanical back up “get home” feature which allows simple manual control should the need arise.

    Style, Control and Functionality

    The simple to install i7800 electronic control system replaces the existing mechanical control system. Why wrestle with your mechanical controls when you can have the benefits of electronic controls for a fraction of the cost of a new engine.
    The smooth movement of the electronic controls enables much greater handling of the throttle and a fluid transition between gears. This translates into better control of the boat in all applications ranging from sport fishing and cruisers to commercial vessels. You will find it hard to go back to mechanical controls after the smooth and reliable response you get from the i7800 electronic controls. Regardless of the type of engine and drive, i7800 can provide precise control and comfort for your boating application.

    Single Lever Operation

    The ability to synchronize the engines and control cruise with one lever is incredibly useful. This feature enhances your boating experience by making it easier to control your boat regardless of the speed.


    • Mechanical override “get home” feature
    • Trolling mode
    • Add a station kits available – total of 3 stations
    • Meets: ABYC P-24, CE, EN 60945
    • Neutral warm-up
    • Dual engine RPM synchronization for single handle operation
    • Incorporates neutral start protection
    • Adjustable control lever drag and detent settings
    • Works on 12v systems
    • Programmable shift delay
    • Comes with 30’ of harness to connect actuators to control head
    • Utilizes standard CCX633xx type control cables – Xtreme type recommended
    • Optional independent trim switches (HA5491)

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