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Category: Construction & Repair Materials and Products (Materials/Plastics)

Teak Isle Mfg. 3-621 Upgraded
Ameri-Kart 3-1816
Barbour Plastics Inc. 3-212
BCH Image Inc. 3-1323
Better Way Products 3-1538
Brunger Export Inc. 3-1116
Buffalo Shrink Wrap Inc. 2-240
C.R. Onsrud Inc. 3-1247 Upgraded Composites
Carbon-Core Corp. 3-1250 Composites
Carborundum Abrasives 3-951 Composites
Chestnut Ridge Foam Inc. 1-600
Clean Seal Inc. 3-149
Composite Essential Materials 3-953 Composites
Composites One 3-939 Upgraded Composites
Copper C LLC 1-712
DIAB Americas LP 3-1231 Composites
Dowco Marine 3-813
DPI Marine Inc. 3-1942
Dura-Cast Products Inc. 1-605 Take me to the Twitter home page.Take me to the Facebook home page.Take me to the LinkedIn home page
Elkhart Plastics/Connect-A-Dock 3-1122
Farco Plastics 3-234
Flambeau, Inc. 1-1003 New Exhibitor
Flexiteek Americas 3-653
Flounder Pounder Marine 2-242
Formco Inc. 3-1922
GEM Plastics 3-249
GLIDE Bearings and Seal Systems 1-602
HoseCoil- Ocean Equipment 1-019
Innovative Laminations Co. 3-539
Innovative Lighting LLC 3-1018
Interplastic Corporation 3-1153 Composites
ITW Performance Polymers 3-1034 Composites
Jet Technologies Inc. 3-321
King Plastic Corporation 3-619
Kingston Anchors Ltd. 3-1809
LaVanture Products Company Inc. 2-109
Mate USA 3-1935
Megaware Keelguard Inc. 3-448
Merritt Supply Inc. 3-949 Composites
Metal Moulding Corporation 3-240 Upgraded
Mr. Shrinkwrap 1-200 Marina and Yard
NavPod-Ocean Equipment 1-018
North American Composites 3-1252 Composites
NoViCon Industries 3-1420
Permateek International Ltd. 3-150 International Exhibitor
Piedmont Plastics 3-1043 Composites
Plascore Inc. 3-844 Composites
PlasDECK Inc. 3-313
Precision Replacement Parts 1-511
QMI (Quality Models International) 3-909
Quality Thread & Notions 3-1946 Take me to the Twitter home page.Take me to the Facebook home page.Take me to the LinkedIn home page
Railblaza 1-033
Seaflo Marine & RV North America LLC 3-2141
Southco Inc. 3-1838
Spectrum Color / Boat Broke 2-233
SWORL Reusable Vacuum Bags 3-1255 Upgraded Composites
TACO Marine Inc. 3-1431
Teak Isle Mfg. 3-621 Upgraded
Teakdecking Systems 3-730
Tecla Marine 3-135
Tecnografic Inc. 3-719
Tides Marine Inc. 3-615
Total Plastics Int'l 3-1334
Trim-Lok Inc. 3-618
Ubique Technologies Inc. 3-1051 Composites
Ultra Panel Marine Inc. 3-410
Ultralon Foam USA 3-2134
United Resin Corporation 3-1834
Valley Screen Process Co. Inc. 3-319
Vico Plastics Inc. 3-345
Victory Bolt (an AFC Industries, Inc Company) 2-230
Vycom 3-1948
World Panel Products Inc. 3-651 Take me to the Facebook home page.
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