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Better Boats, Better Oceans™.

For over 21 Propspeed has been dedicated to Protecting the performance of underwater assets™. We have developed a product range that is unrivaled. We are the industry standard in foul-release coatings. The Propspeed coating system is recognized globally as the best prevention of marine growth and fouling of props, running gear and any other underwater metals. Harnessing our specialized technology, Lightspeed™, endoresed by Lumishore, and Foulfree™, certified by Airmar, coatings have been designed specifically to protect the performance of underwater lights and transducers with their delicate components.
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  • Foulfree™
    Formulated by industry-leading scientists and certified by Airmar for transducers, Foulfree is a foul-release coating that keeps transducers clean and operating at the top of their game for the clearest sonar images possible. See the real picture!...

  • Developed from the best foul-release technology on the market and in conjunction with world experts AIRMAR, Foulfree™ is a revolutionary coating designed specifically to protect urethane transducers from marine growth. 

    As transducers provide best results with minimal turbulence over their surface during operation, Foulfree keeps any transducer performing at its peak, ensuring that the signal remains clear over time. AIRMAR certifies that the application of Foulfree coating on its transducers results in no loss in transducer performance.

    If you had a stereo speaker with something in front of it absorbing the sound, you’d still hear the music, but you’d lose some of the definition and detail. A transducer works in a similar way.”

    Unlike traditional antifouling paints, Foulfree is biocide free, which means it does not need to poison the marine environment to provide effective protection. Once applied, Foulfree coating forms a super slippery surface over the transducer, preventing marine growth from getting a grip. 

    The Foulfree product will delight the fishing industry and targets all types of boats. Users can directly see the same clear transducer image day after day, and observe in real time that the product is working.

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  • Lightspeed™
    Formulated by industry-leading scientists and endorsed by Lumishore, Lightspeed is a foul-release coating that keeps underwater lights clean and protected from marine growth, while ensuring they shine bright season after season!...

  • Lightspeed, endorsed by Lumishore, is an award-winning foul-release coating that protects underwater lights from the negative impact of marine growth on performance and lifespan. Harnessing the science behind Propspeed®, it offers an eco-friendly and trustworthy solution for boat owners to reduce maintenance, protect their investment, and maintain lighting system output. 

    Specifically developed for underwater lights and rigorously tested by Lumishore, Lightspeed is suitable for lenses and made to resist lights’ temperatures. Unlike conventional antifouling paints, Lightspeed is completely colorless and transparent, proven to have no disruption to the underwater light brightness.

    Barnacles and other fouling organisms will grow on everything not painted under the water, lights included. Brightness level, beam angle, colors, and dimmable control are all precision features that customers value when investing in underwater lighting. However, as growth covers the lens, it interferes with light transmittance, dramatically reducing lumens output. 

    Most popular lights these days transmit heat that can create appealing environmental conditions for marine growth. Lightspeed forms a hydrophobic surface that prevents fouling

    from sticking to the underwater light, ensuring intended performance of the product, and supporting the output of the full spectrum of light and brightness.

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  • Propspeed®
    Propspeed is the original and best performing foul-release coating in the industry. Tried and tested around the world for 21 years, Propspeed has consistently delivered boaters the same result - improved performance, lower fuel and operational costs....

  • Propspeed, the original and best performing foul-release coating in the industry, has been tried and tested around the world for 21 years, consistently delivering customers the same result - improved boat performance, lower fuel and operational costs, sustained value of their investment, all while keeping the vessel’s running gear looking its best. 

    With an ultra-slick topcoat, Propspeed is specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the waterline. It is proven to increase boat efficiency, reduce drag and save fuel and maintenance costs. It features an exceptionally strong chemical and mechanical bond between the metal substrate, the Etching Primer and the Clear Coat – ensuring that the Propspeed coating actually sticks to your running gear and performs season after season. 

    Propspeed also reduces the risk of corrosion by electrically isolating the metal, as well as limiting the exchanges between the ions and the gases contained in the water and the metal. In short, if a reaction can’t occur, there will be no corrosion!

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